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Ideas for Excursions

Looking for something different? Here you will find so many worthwhile excursions involving culture, nature or sport that is will be difficult to decide...


The Swarovski Crystal Worlds, conceived and created by André Heller, are now one of the most visited attractions in Austria.

Inside this giant complex, visitors can experience magical and glittering installations that take you on a poetic journey through another world.

Spannagel Cave

The Spannagel Cave in Hintertux is the highest situated cave open to the public in Europe and, with a length of over 10km, the largest cave in the Central Alps.

Although it's possible to visit "only" about half a kilometre of the complex cave system, because of the numerous natural wonders found in this section, it's a unique experience.

Zillertal Visitor Dairy Farm

Visitors to the Zillertal Visitor Dairy Farm never cease to be amazed. Because producing milk products really does involve just natural processes - and this you can taste.

Experience daily life in a dairy by actually being there!

Zillertal Railway

You can explore the Zillertal in a leisurely way with the over 100-year-old Zillertal Railway.